ChexSystems Disputes
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Many people feel as if they have been found guilty without a trial when they find out they have been reported to chexsystems.  

Most people search online for facts and assistance to be removed from chexsystems.
While there are some places that will try to sell you a service to remove you from chexsystems, the fact is that there is NO GUARANTEE for removal, so do not be scammed.  Chexsystems is a credit reporting agency the same as Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. It is your right to a free annual chexsystems report the same as all other credit reports. But because chexsystems is a credit reporting agency, there can be no guarantee of removal. If your report shows a date older than 5 years then you should already have been removed. If for some reason the record was not removed, you should not file a dispute. Instead send in a letter that requests removal due to the report being more than 5 years old.

-How to get your free chexsystems report

Again, it is your right to dispute your chexsystems report.

1. It does not matter if you still owe the reporting bank(s)
2. It does not matter what the report indicates (fraud, nsf, account abuse etc)
3.It does not matter how old your report is

We have been helping those reported to chexsystems since 1999. We are a group of people dedicated to helping others and putting a stop to companies that try to prey on the Victims of Chexsystems.

On this site you will learn how to dispute with chexsystems and here you can get free sample letters to help you through this process.

Why do we help??

We believe Chexsystems is not a fair system.   

Many have objected to its reporting practices.  They state the system does not report fairly, and unlike credit bureaus which have both positive and negative information on your credit report; Chexsystems only contains negative information.  This jeopardizes your reputation as a consumer, when you would otherwise be qualified to open checking accounts.


An increasing number of Americans are making use of credit reporting agencies to identify erroneous entries or information that is inaccurate and need to be removed from their credit report. The credit reporting companies are in the business of compiling and maintaining a database that contains all the negative accounts in the United States. It is the responsibility of each individual to notify the credit reporting agencies if he has found any incorrect information about him in the database. It is also the right of the credit reporting agency to request you to verify the information on your report.

If you file a dispute with a credit reporting agency that the information in your credit file is incorrect, they will then assign a dispute resolution representative to investigate the matter. This investigation could take up to thirty days. If it turns out that there is no factual basis for the dispute, the credit reporting agency will cancel it and delete the disputed item from your file. If you cannot reach an agreement with the credit reporting agency regarding disputed items, you may pursue a lawsuit to have it removed from your credit file.

Millions of Americans have accessed credit settlement programs to help them get out of debt. A credit settlement program is a financial program whereby a settlement amount is negotiated between the debtor and creditor prior to the payment being sent to the creditor. Once the settlement amount is reached, the debtor is required to make a single monthly payment to the debt settlement company. In return, the debt settlement company will automatically begin to pay the creditor in the form of a settlement amount. Usually, the creditors can receive this amount less than 50% of the amount they were owed.

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